The “Bioinformatics Unveiled: Exploring the Crossover Between Biology and Data Science” seminar, organized by the IEEE Computer Society (CS) BRAC University Student Branch Chapter, was a significant and enlightening event which took place on 30th July 2023. In a world where biology meets the digital frontier, the seminar took us on a journey to shed light on the intricate world of bioinformatics, emphasizing its importance, diverse areas of study, and its vital role in bridging the gap between biology and data science.

Bioinformatics is the field that combines biology and computer science that serves as the vanguard for the analysis and management of biological data. It is an interdisciplinary branch that plays a pivotal role in advancing genomics and genetics. This branch promotes biological research and enables the analyses of large-scale data. Its application involves unveiling the mysteries of genetics to improve medical science and agriculture. Its integration with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, ushers in an era ripe for groundbreaking discoveries.

The seminar began with an introductory session that provided participants with insights into the

world of bioinformatics. It covered the definition of bioinformatics, its significance, and various areas of study within this field. Attendees were introduced to the fundamental concepts that form the foundation of bioinformatics. 

The subsequent segments delved deeper into the subject matter. They explored how bioinformatics serves as a crucial bridge between biology and data science, highlighting the challenges and opportunities that arise from this intersection. Participants gained valuable insights into bioinformatics applications, with real-world examples showcasing its contributions to genomics, proteomics, and systems biology.

The seminar was expertly guided by Dr. Mahdi Moosa, an accomplished trainer and Assistant

Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at BRAC University. His expertise and knowledge greatly enriched the seminar, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of bioinformatics.

An engaging quiz session was part of the event, allowing participants to test their knowledge and

understanding of the seminar’s content. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Tanmoy Roy

for achieving the highest score on the quiz and demonstrating remarkable aptitude in the subject


We appreciate all the participants who actively participated in the seminar and quiz. The enthusiasm and participation played a significant role in making this event successful.

The “Bioinformatics Unveiled: Exploring the Crossover Between Biology and Data Science” seminar marked a successful endeavor, promoting knowledge and understanding of this multidisciplinary field. It fostered an environment of learning and curiosity, inspiring participants to explore the exciting intersections of biology and data science.

We thank Dr. Mahdi Moosa for his invaluable contribution to the event’s success. His expertise

and guidance were instrumental in ensuring the seminar’s informative and engaging nature.

The IEEE CS BRACU Student Branch Chapter remains committed to organizing insightful events and empowering students with knowledge and opportunities. We look forward to your continued participation in our future which is just the beginning of our journey into the captivating realm of bioinformatics.