For the very first time, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) of Brac University, co-organized by IEEE Brac University Student Branch, had organized IAP & AAP Meeting on 22nd February, 2020. 13 representatives from Alumni of Brac University and 14 representatives from different highest ranked companies of Bangladesh, including their respective CEOs and directors were present in that meeting. Professor Shahidul Islam Khan, PhD, the honorable Chairperson of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering & Professor Arshad M. Chowdhury, PhD, Dean of School of Engineering & Computer Science, conducted the whole meeting along with the presence of all other faculty members.

The meeting was divided into two parts. At the morning session, Alumni Advisory Panel (AAP) meeting was organized where all alumni had given their comment about the running curriculum. They said that in their practical professional life they cannot always relate their theoretical knowledge and for that they blamed the education system Brac University currently have in EEE Department. One of the alumni said that when he did Control System Course, he did not really understand what its function but in real life he really now can understand what its implication and application. They said if the theoretical study is appeared to the student comparing it to the real life use, maybe students will get more benefitted as well as interested about learning the course. Another alumni raised the point of the university not having proper faculties on Power. He said that power grid has become the largest developing sector in Bangladesh. The university cannot just let their EEE graduates throw away with a degree of no Power based knowledge. They should be taught Power System in a proper way so that they cannot only use the knowledge to cut a good result but also create a good impact to the power development sector in Bangladesh. After their opinions, the Chairperson and the Dean admitted their deficiency and promised to overcome those obstacles and they also showed their blue print how they are planning to change the EEE curriculum. At the end of this meeting guests were given some gifts.

Text Box: A short break in between the sessions; Group photo containing all the respective faculty members, alumnae and IAP individualsAfter the session with alumni, the lunch session started with both party guests. In the afternoon, the representatives from Industrial Advisory Panel (IAP) shared their experience and gave their valuable comments how to organize the curriculum so that it suits more for the industrial sector of Bangladesh. They also shared the information what sort of engineers nowadays they are looking for and what they are expecting from the new graduates. They also raised some issues about the quality engineers. The Chairperson of EEE department took essential notes and promised that in future he would come up with a new strategy so that the requirements they are demanding from the graduates would be fulfilled successfully. At the end, with all the guests a nice photo session held. And the organizers expressed their positive gratitude to arrange such type of events more often in a year.

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