IEEE CS BRACU SBC successfully organized an online Bootcamp session from 15 January to 16 January, 2021. It was the very first event of 2021. The event was successfully organized in two days. The main idea of this event was to introduce and teach undergraduate students about the world’s most popular JavaScript framework and for the students who are keen to know the importance of React JS and how actually it works. No prior knowledge on React JS was needed to attend the Bootcamp.

The Bootcamp was instructed by Md. Al Imran Sefat, experienced Full stack Developer and former Flutter and Lead IOS developer at Hishabee Business Manager.

In this Bootcamp, participants were introduced with the opportunities to learn basics of React JS, and why React ReactDOM & JSX are used. React functional components, components separation, and components child-parents interrelationship were explored in depth throughout the bootcamp. As the final exams were approachig, the rest of the sessions were decided to be conducted in January on request of the participants.

Styling React with CSS Class, inline styling, what are “props”, mapping components, class-based components, React state of components, event functions, react lifecycle methods are planned to be introduced in the subsequent sessions. If time permits, conditional rendering, fetching data from an API, React Hooks, state-based component behavior will also be shown.

The Bootcamp had a satisfactory amount of participants from different universities and no registration fee was required to attend this Bootcamp. The Bootcamp seemed to be very informative and thus making the two-day event more effective. By the end of the Bootcamp, the participants were provided with E-certificates as a token of their effective participation along with the recording of the Bootcamp.

By conducting this successful Bootcamp session, we hope that all the participants can kick-start their careers as web developers and start a reliable source of income.