IEEE Computer Society Brac University Student Branch Chapter has successfully organized an online competition-based event from 26th April to 10th may, 2020. The competition, COVID-19 Combatants Unification Competition, shortly known as CCUC, an online competition in particular, was organized to engage more people to unleash their productivity in this pandemic situation. The goals of the competition were to assemble the individuals and teams under one platform who are fighting COVID-19 in a scattered manner throughout the nation, acknowledge their efforts and generate new ideas. The competition was mainly divided into three major categories- Graphics, Problem based and Contest of the Academics. Each of the categories are divided into more sub-categories. The Graphics was divided into Cartoon, Poster and Animation; the Problem based Category was divided into Project Building and Brainstorming sub-categories and Contest of the Academics based category was divided into Academic paper review and Independent Analytics. These sub-categories are divided to introduce more versatility and engagement to the competition. The competition was run by a ‘rolling submission based system’ where the participants could register for the competition while submitting their sample. CCUC will be known as a benchmark event for IEEE Bracu SB with over 72 submissions which is the highest engagement among any other events organized so far. 143 individuals from 18 different institutions participated in the competition. This was achieved through widespread publicity, reaching out to other institutes, and interesting contents. The Graphics category had the most submission among the participants. The winners from different categories were announced on 20th May. Participant were provided e-certificates through email by 28 May 2020.

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