As we know an outbreak of Locust swarms has occurred in more than 23 countries across East Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia including our
neighboring countries India and Pakistan threatening food security. So, immediate measures must be taken to ensure that the hunger threat does
not become a fully-fledged plague.

Keeping this scenario in consideration, during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, IEEE PES BDC, in association with IEEE PES AUST SBC and IEEE PES
BRACU SBC organized a virtual competitive event titled as “EnLight: An Online Idea Contest” themed upon ‘Technical Approach to Prevent Locust Swarm’. Where the Best Idea would be mentored to implement in a small Project Scale. Participants were able to join with both options “SOLO or TEAM”. Solo participants were able to participate with/without IEEE membership. Whereas team participation were required to have at least one IEEE member with a maximum of 3 members. The submission process started from mid-May, 2020 with a deadline of June 20, 2020.

IEEE PES BRACU SBC is thankful to “IEEE Power & Energy Society Bangladesh Chapter” for giving this opportunity. Besides, it is grateful to Prof. Dr. Tareq Aziz (Advisor, IEEE Power & Energy Society AUST SB Chapter) & Ms. Sharmin Sobhan (Mentor, IEEE Power & Energy Society AUST SB Chapter) for guiding us to collaborate with Bangladesh Chapter in arranging such a great event. Winner & Runner Up of each segment have received Certificates of Achievement with a prize money of 3000 BDT & 2000 BDT respectively. Top 5 teams have got Participation Certificates.