Event Start Date:
April 16, 2022
Event End Date:
April 16, 2022
Event Venue:
Brac University
Want to fly a UAV? Wait no more!
IEEE AESS BracU SBC proudly presents an exclusive seminar on “UAVbuzz: a brief introduction to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, designs, processes, and prospects”. Sharpen your drone-building skills and receive guidance from our expert MD Mojammel Hoque Shourobh. Through this seminar, you will get detailed instructions on drone building procedures, necessary equipment briefing, various usage and many more.
This seminar is introduced as the first stage of UAVbuzz. UAVbuzz is a series of events offered by IEEE AESS BracU to provide you with a brief introduction to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, their designs, processes, and prospects. When you will be done with this seminar and the following ones to come, you will have enough knowledge to construct your own drone! You will know how to harmonize it and control it. Now, what will you accomplish from this? You will be rewarded with one of humanity’s oldest dreams- Flight!
Grab this amazing opportunity and register now at zero cost! Registered individuals will receive significant discounts on upcoming workshops of UAVbuzz. The seminar is open for all students of Brac University so drop by the venue.
An overview of the instructor:
Mr. Shourobh is an experienced Embedded System Design Engineer with a prestigious history in the field of Electronics. Previously, he worked as the Satellite Operations Engineer at Brac University. He contributed at BRAC ONNESHA Nano Satellite Ground Station as the Team Leader. Currently, he is working as a Mechatronics Engineer at TigerIT Bangladesh LTD. Mr. Shourobh previously instructed numerous webinars and seminars regarding his field of expertise.

Registration link: https://forms.gle/5eLohPmTzV4MDwux6
Registration deadline: 15th April, 11:59 PM

Event Details:
Venue: UB21913, Brac University (Building 02)
Time: 1 PM to 3 PM
Date: 16th April 2022
**Open for all Brac University students