We are incredibly pleased to announce that on 25th January 2023, Brac University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Teleaus, which was marked in a ceremony organized by the Robotics Club of Brac University in collaboration with the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Brac University Student Branch Chapter and attended by the enthusiastic students of Brac University. The chief guest of this event was the Founder and CEO of Teleaus, Mr. Zahangir Alam. Along with signing the MOU, the event focused on Teleaus’s role in the job market of Bangladesh and the future scopes of the robotics industries.

Teleaus is a leading information and communications engineering solutions and services provider. This global enterprise was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Australia. They aimed to improve people’s lives by delivering innovative technologies, solutions, and services. They have been offering Engineering Field services, Telecommunications Engineering, business solutions and services, business software Spatial Data Engineering, Geospatial Engineering, Professional Services, Vendor Partnership, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) through their unique delivery model for clients. Besides, they provide substantial job opportunities to robotics and automation enthusiasts.   

The ceremony commenced with speeches from our honorable guests, which included the honorable Chairperson of the CSE department, Associate Professor Sadia Hamid Kazi, Associate Professor Dr. Khalilur Rhaman (CSE Department), Abdullah Hil Kafi (Lecturer, EEE Department), Professor Dr. Golam Rabiul Alam sir (CSE Department), Mr. Minhajul Islam (Technical Lead of Teleaus), Mr. Mushahidul Shamim (Team Leader of AI/ML), Mr. Jobayer Amin (HR Admin), Mr. Salman Ibne Eunus (Software Engineer of Teleaus), and last but not least, the chief guest of the event, Mr. Zahangir Alam. The honorable panel of guests highlighted the importance of aligning our knowledge with the practical needs of the industry. To ensure that students of Brac University are ready to tackle real-life problems, Teleaus stepped up to ensure that students get the necessary assistance to harness their talent and creativity in robotics and artificial intelligence. Considering these factors, the Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Brac University and Teleaus on 25th January 2023. The president of the Robotics Club of BracU and the chair of IEEE RAS BracU Student Branch Chapter showed their gratitude for this beautiful arrangement by handing over crests to Mr Zahangir Alam and Sadia Hamid Kazi, Ma’am, respectively. 

Following the signing of the MoU, the Robotics Club of BracU, in conjunction with the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Student Branch Chapter, organized a seminar titled “How Teleaus Can Play a Role in the Job Sector of Bangladesh and Scopes for Future Industry Collaboration and Cooperation”. Teleaus founder Mr Zahangir Alam showcased the cutting-edge industries Teleaus is involved in, such as artificial intelligence, genomic data science, and bioinformatics. Until this point, even though countless students in Bangladesh were passionate about robotics and artificial intelligence, a lack of job opportunities deterred students from pursuing these fields after graduation. However, with the help of Teleaus, these opportunities are now available for our students. They have an avenue to pursue their passion for robotics and AI through jobs, internships, and workshops. Mr Zahangir Alam then pledged to provide financial assistance to the various innovative projects undertaken by Brac University students. He also assured that Teleaus would share their technical expertise in these fields so that students could initiate their creative projects. The session was then rounded off with a question and answer session where student queries were addressed. 

We believe this Memorandum of Understanding with Teleaus will be incredibly beneficial in enabling Brac University students to pursue their passion in robotics and artificial intelligence, as well as help them connect with the industry in the future.