IEEE BRAC University Student Branch organized IEEE Campaign 2017 on the 5th and 6th of February 2017 from 9:30 am to 2 pm to promote new memberships and the renewal of the previous ones. The Executive Body members of 2017 put in their heart and soul to make this event a success and were overwhelmed with the sign ups in these two days of promotion. The booth was set up at the Building 3 cafeteria and was accompanied with a slide presentation of the activities of IEEE BRAC University Student Branch in its previous years, allowing new members to envision the benefits and facilities they can avail with this endeavor. Two different methods of sign up were used for increasing the efficiency, one was on paper and the other one was online. Moreover, printed leaflets were handed out throughout the campus to encourage students to be open to IEEE memberships. As a form of gratitude the EB members handed out chocolates and for a warm welcome to the IEEE family. The EB members individually attended to everyone’s queries regarding the details of membership. After the two day campaign, a total of 130 sign ups were logged and among them, 65 members were successfully recruited for the upcoming year by the first campaign of 2017. This has been the highest number of members recruited till now in the BRACU SB within the first half of the year and the branch hopes to entertain to the all the needs of its members and make it one of the most vibrant and successful ones in the country!

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