Seminar on Biomedical Signal and Image Analysis for Medical Diagnosis

On the 20th of July 2017, IEEE BRAC University Student Branch organized a seminar on Biomedical Signal and Image Analysis for Medical Diagnosis. Before the seminar, the organizers took our guest speaker, Dr. Farook Sattar to visit ground station of BRAC Onnesha (Naster Lab), Robotics Lab and IEEE Lab in building number 4 and 5, respectively. This visit was nothing more than a pleasure for our guest and he was thrilled to communicate with every participant. Audrika Eshna Purbasha hosted the event and set a wonderful tone to start the seminar. This presentation addressed biomedical signal and image analysis to propose novel methods for both 1D and 2D data (e.g. respiratory and temporomandibular joint signals, retinal and dental x-ray images). Dr. Farook Sattar emphasized that these methods can provide useful information upon which clinicians can make decisions. Various new ideas and interesting results will be presented including localization, segmentation, enhancement, detection, and source extraction for medical diagnosis. His research interests include biomedical signal and image processing, pattern recognition and machine learning, intelligent systems, speech/audio processing, bioacoustics, big data, computer vision and data hiding. Farhan Oshim, Lecturer of EEE Department, BRAC University along with an honored invitee and Lecturer Tasnim Sorwar Tropa from the Canadian University of Bangladesh were active participants while students of the EEE Department tried to gain all the perspective regarding this new arena. After the presentation, refreshments were served to all the attendees and overall, we can call this event a success!

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