EEE BRAC University Student Branch organized Talk on Embedded Electronics: Microcontrollers, FPGAs and Power Electronics on the 17th of January 2017, Tuesday. The event started at 5 15 pm and 40 students attended it with full enthusiasm! The session between Tahmid and the students of School of Computer Science and Engineering was extremely interactive and friendly. Syed Tahmid is an electrical and computer engineering undergraduate senior and researcher at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. He has interned at Apple Inc., California and Lutron Electronics Inc., Pennsylvania as a hardware and embedded engineer, and is signed on to continue his pursuits at Apple Inc. as a hardware engineer upon graduation. Currently, he leads a group of students in working on the designing of a fully autonomous lab assistant robot as part of the nationally recognized Cornell Cup Robotics in the United States, on a team sponsored by Intel and ARM. He is also a consultant for the Cornell Mars Rover project team and during the session. Due to his extensive knowledge in this area, along with being a teaching assistant in this course at his university, he w as able to provide perfect explanations with diagrams and illustrations of microcontrollers, along with discussing about its uses and future research opportunities. To facilitate easier instruction in microcontrollers and power electronics, he hosts articles and tutorials on his website, which has garnered almost 2 million views. The students were encouraged to fully utilize the opportunities available online and referred to his website, along with the other established ones. Moreover, new concept of FGPA ( Field Programmable Gate Array ) was introduced to the students and it was perceived with interesting questions by the students. For better comprehension of the attendees, technical explanations were provided and the example of smart watch was brought in for students to be able to relate. Discussion about Proteus VSM, LT spice was introduced also, which are used for different kinds of stimulation purposes. Towards the end of the event, refreshments were provided followed by a photo session with the attendees and the speaker. Overall, the first event conducted by the Executive Body Members of 2017 of IEEE BRACU SB was a success!

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