On 8th June, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) approved a petition for the opening of a new student branch chapter named IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society (AESS) Brac University Student Branch Chapter.

This new chapter is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. The IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society (AESS) is a society of IEEE that focuses on the advancement of large-scale integrated interoperable systems, deals with total electronic systems and enables technologies. The fields covered by AESS mainly are: Command, Control and Communication Systems; Energy Conversion; Intelligent Systems; Navigation and Tracking Systems; Radar; Robotics; Simulations and Instrumentation; Sonar and Undersea Systems; Space Systems; Automatic Test Systems; Vehicular Systems; and Modular Integrated Electronics; and integration of the latest technologies in free crypto slots.

AESS is believed to create new avenues for students and encourage them to further pursue careers in the field of electronic systems. This chapter will offer students access to various workshops, seminars, webinars, field trips, international competitions and present vast opportunities to enhance their knowledge. It will further provide scopes for creating a global network and gathering support from international communities of AESS.

Branch Chair- Tahmidur Rahman and Branch Secretary- Din Mohammad Zubair of the IEEE BracU Student Branch, spearheaded the opening of this chapter. The inspiration behind the conception of the chapter was primarily from BRAC Onnesha, the first nanosatellite built in Bangladesh launched into space, and the 4th session of the BIRDS International Workshop (4BIW) that was held from November 25 to 28, 2019, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

The duo started conducting intensive research on how to initiate this chapter in Bangladesh from the beginning of this year, after becoming members of the executive body of IEEE BracU Student Branch. Tahmidur initiated the petition to open this new chapter from his IEEE account and requested for approvals. Meanwhile, Zubair worked on encouraging other students to join AESS, and collecting their signatures for the petition. He further gathered required endorsements from Abdulla Hil Kafi, Developer BRAC Onnesha, AESS Chapter Advisor; and Dr. AKM Abdul Malek Azad, PhD, Branch Counselor of IEEE BracU Student Branch.

Branch Counselor:
A.K.M Abdul Malek Azad, PhD

Chapter Advisor:
Abdulla Hil Kafi

Current Executive Body Members:

Mahira Tahseen

Imtiaz Ahammed Anik

Maiesha Fahomida

Ishtiaque Mahmud