November 26th, 2018, was a very auspicious day for IEEE BRAC University Student Branch for not one, but two very different reasons. The first reason was the inauguration of the Power Energy Society (PES) Chapter, a technical sub-unit of IEEE. The launch of a new Chapter served as a huge achievement for the Executive Body Members and set a milestone in the history of the Student Branch. Present during the event was the Chairperson of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, Professor Shahidul Islam Khan, who is, coincidentally, the Founding Chair of IEEE Bangladesh Section and has also served as the Chair of Power and Energy Society. The inauguration took place at the GDLN centre    

The second reason is the return of Omar Shahjalal Shantonu to BRAC University to conduct a seminar named “Powering-up The Next Year”. Omar Shahjalal Shantonu completed his Bachelor of Science in EEE at BRAC University and graduated in 2016 with the highest CGPA in the department. He has won the prestigious Vice Chancellor’s Gold Medal Award and was also an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant. Currently, he is working as a Satellite Operation Engineer at Spectra International Limited on the Bangabandhu Satellite-1. During the seminar, he talked about his life at BRAC University, his experiences both in the University and as a Youth Ambassador in the JENESYS Program held in Tokyo, Japan, for SAARC Nations. He beautifully explained how these experiences led him to where he is. He gave the eager students pointers on how to write a CV that will stand out and how to develop certain traits that will go a long way in an engineer’s professional life.

Both the Inauguration and the seminar took place at the GDLN center. A cake was there to make the day feel even more special and light snacks were given to the participants who had made the time to be there.

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