IEEE CS BRACU SBC organized a competition titled as Project Tech Tussle 2021. The purpose of this competition was to showcase the skill of tech enthusiasts in their interested field of innovation. The participants had the privilege to submit their project in individual or as a team addressing different categories such as Machine Learning (ML), Web-based projects, App Development, Software Based Project individually or in a team. The registration timeline was from 5th to 23rd February 2021. The provided timeline of submission was 10th to 28th February. We selected some of the most prominent faculty members as the judges of our competition. The mark distribution for the submitted project was 10% for innovation, 20% for user interface, 30% for impact, 10% for feasibility, 10% for scalability, 10% for sustainability and lastly 10% for originality. The participants were asked to provide a demonstration video along with a description file (codes) and all the necessary materials had to be uploaded in GitHub. Our respected judges got one week to evaluate all the projects. Team Meena was the champion of the competition whereas Hydro AI was the first and Silicon Brain was the second runner up of the competition respectively. The reward for the champion team was a TwinMOS 120GB SSD, the first runner up got a 10,000mah Power Bank and second runner up got a Panda Antivirus as their winning reward besides E-certificates. All the judges received a crest in recognition of the valuable contribution in assessment to Project Tech Tussle 2021. All the participants were honored with participation certificates and IEEE BRACU SB considers this event as an achievement as it satisfied the curious minds.