On February 22, 2022, the IEEE Computer Society Bangladesh Chapter announced the IEEE Computer Society Brac University Student Branch Chapter as the ‘Most Promising CS Student Chapter’ as a token of gratitude and appreciation for its significant contribution to the IEEE Computer Society Bangladesh Chapter in 2021.

Since its inception in 2019, the IEEE Brac University Student Branch has collectively reached new milestones. With all of the vibrant minds who had worked together and committed their valuable expertise, passion, and energy to achieve its mission, the chapter had expanded in all aspects in a very short period. Among the IEEE chapters at Brac University, the CS Chapter is one of the most dynamic and enthusiastic. This chapter seeks to have a meaningful impact on young learners and experts by providing a platform that enables them to use cutting-edge technological tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data Analytics, Bioinformatics, Cyber Security, and much more.

The IEEE Computer Society organizes conferences and seminars; publishes peer-reviewed literature; runs testing and validation; and creates IEEE computing standards. It has over 200 chapters throughout the world and engages in learning programs at all levels of the profession, including distance learning, validation of computer science degree programs, and professional qualification in software development. The IEEE Computer Society Brac University Student Branch Chapter has been devotedly working to reach newer heights while adhering to IEEE’s goal of the highest degree of professionalism. The CS Student Branch Chapter seeks to meet IEEE’s scientific, educational, and professional goals. That is why the CS Student Branch Chapter is involved in active programs of webinars, bootcamps, and competitions. In 2021, the IEEE CS Student Branch Chapter arranged four webinars, a bootcamp, and two competitions. The webinars covered quantum computing, blockchain technologies, and other fascinating topics. “Richard E. Merwin Scholarship” and “Scientific Paper Writing and Editing” were the topics of the other two webinars. The purpose of the Bootcamp was to introduce React JS in the field of web development. Finally, one of the two competitions was more focused on innovative machine learning projects and app development. The other was the ‘Web Tech Hackathon 2021,’ which comprised an online Web development workshop. These competitions and workshops are thoroughly evaluated by IEEE to decide which Computer Society Student Branch performed the best. The meeting reports and documentation equip the committee with sufficient information to make an informed decision.

Last year, Nigah Hossain (Chair), Afia Mobassira Jamima (Vice-Chair), Alfi Mashab Mostak (Secretary), and Nayna Jahan Neha (Treasurer) represented the IEEE CS Brac University SBC. They left an indelible mark on the award’s success. It was the product of a collaborative effort by the panelists, chapter members, and IEEE Brac University SBC under the direct tutelage of Prof. A.K.M. Abdul Malek Azad, Ph.D., Branch Counselor. Mr. Annajiat Alim Rasel is the advisor of IEEE CS Brac University SBC and is also Senior Lecturer at BRAC University. He provided his wise counsel and encouragement throughout this journey. Since his nomination as a Chapter Advisor of IEEE CS Brac University SBC, Mr. Annajiat’s intense passion, sound leadership, compassion for his students, and dedication to embedding fundamental principles, incentives, and capabilities in the panelists and general members have been spectacular.

This recognition will inspire the IEEE Computer Society Brac University Student Branch Chapter to strive for even greater success in the years ahead. The chapter continues to flourish with great fervor and excitement to make sure that they come out to be at the top next time as well. It has been a fabulous journey for the previous panelists and now the new panel has the goals set as well to keep themselves motivated for something even more significant to achieve in the future.