On October 20th, 2018, IEEE BRACU Student Branch took part in the IEEEXtreme 12.0 Programming Competition for the second time in a row. A total of eight teams had registered for the competition, namely, bracuunoculus, bracutiger, bracuaFire, bracucodeJammers, bracutbt, bracufaceless, bracuZaxis and bracuMemeDreamTeam. The 24-hour competition started at 06:00 and ended on the following day, October 21st, at 06:00. Students from the Departments of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Computer Science Engineering were active members during the day with Executive Body members from the Student Branch. The contestants were given a new set of problems every hour that they had to solve in a programing language of their choice. This helped them get a real sense of competition with other participants across the world. A workshop had been held previously to help the participants get an idea of what the programming contest would be actually like. Refreshments were provided during lunch time and we hope that in the following years, the branch would be able to attract more people to sign up for this competition and be a part of this huge platform.

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