On March 20th 2019, the Power and Energy Society of Brac University in collaboration with the IEEE Student Branch of Brac University organized a seminar on ‘Operation and Maintenance of Power Plant ‘. The aim of this seminar was to provide a clear insight into Power Plants of Bangladesh at the same time the seminar also focused on how to maintain a huge power plant and how the power industry of Bangladesh works from generating power to transmitting it to distributing it at our doorsteps. Moreover, this seminar gave an idea about what to expect as a Power graduate when you start your job as a Power Plant Engineer.  The entire session had been conducted by Mr. Robiul Islam, a Bracu Alumni who is currently working as a Sub-divisional Engineer at DPDC. Mr. Islam encouraged the participants to not to limit their dreams when pursuing a job in the power sector of Bangladesh. Furthermore, he showed new hopes for the Power sector of Bangladesh. In addition to that Mr. Robiul talked about his own experience as a Power Plant Engineer and how one should prepare themselves when they plan to work on the power sector of Bangladesh.H e further added about different types of Power plants of Bangladesh, which power plant is situated where, where a Power Plant should be situated, how one should be careful when working at a Power station, besides he gave a lot of advice on how to work hard in achieving your dream. PES members, IEEE members along with power majors attended the seminar. The seminar ended by handing over a Thank you crest to Mr. Islam jointly by the PES Chairperson and IEEE Chairperson. In a nutshell, the seminar gave new enthusiasm to work hard in achieving your goal.

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