Educational visit not only brings joy but also helps to earn knowledge outside the text book. 9th October, 2019 was a day to reminisce about as on this day PES members of IEEE Brac University Student Branch got to visit the Partex Cable Factory.

The bus departed from Brac University premises sharp at 7:45 am and members along with 2 faculty members from EEE department reached the spot around 9:30 am which was at Modonpur, Naraynganj Partex Factory. All the members were greeted with a warm welcome.  After the introductory session some light snacks were served. Following that a corporate presentation was conducted. During the corporate presentation members got to know that the Partex cables started in 2016 and it is a concern of partex star group and some supplementary information about the corporate field of that company. After that came the technical manufacturing presentation session. During this part members got to know about basic or core parameters for cable designing which includes ampere rating, voltage grade and environment. They also talked about their manufacturing process where they gave us idea on basic cable making which includes drawing, twisting, and insulation. Moreover, the presenter gave valuable information about some special cables which includes- low smoke zero halogen cables, flame retardant cable, heat resistant cables etc.

After these sessions the members were divided into 4 groups each group were accompanied by a guide from the partex cable factory to physically visit the factory. During the factory visit members got to see the Copper rod upcasting machine, Aluminum cable making chamber, PVC plant, Hand illumination machine, Cable testing compartment and the most expensive CCV line machine.

All these firsthand experiences of cable making left the spectators speechless. Partex cable factory were kind enough to serve all their visitors’ lunch at the end of the field visit.

Despite the continuous rain, the members were very happy and content for having the opportunity to visit this factory.

Although this was the last industrial visit for this year’s Power and Energy Society of IEEE Brac University Student Branch, the members are enthusiastic for having more trips in the coming future which will help them not only to solve real world engineering problem but also will help them understand engineering application on industry level.  

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