In the celebration of IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) DAY 2021, IEEE PES BRACU SBC organized a wonderful webinar titled “Distributed Energy Resources: Prospects, Challenges and Solutions” on 10th April, 2021. This year’s PES day theme was “Clean Energy Revolution”. With this theme in mind, the IEEE PES BRAC University SBC invited Professor Dr. Tareq Aziz as the main speaker to share his invaluable insights on this topic.

Throughout the webinar, many faculties from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) of BRAC University and the EB panel members as well as general members of IEEE PES BRACU SBC were present. Among them, Professor Dr. Shahidul Islam Khan was also there.

On behalf of IEEE PES Bangladesh Chapter, Dr. Shahidul Islam Khan, the current Chair of IEEE PES Bangladesh Chapter, the Advisor of IEEE PES BRACU SBC welcomed the guest, the organizer and the participants. Professor Khan discussed about the stellar initiatives of IEEE PES in Bangladesh and also talked about the importance of the power engineering sector. Professor Khan further added that “PES supplements and enhances our engineering studies. It is highly beneficial to all of those who interested in pursuing a career on power engineering. Today we had a meeting with the industry panel of our department, EEE department of BRAC University. They were also emphasizing that we should send our students to different organizations related to power, related to electronics, then software designs, and soon we will have the cadence here so that you can do very large chip VLSI design. So, who wants to take or make a career in power engineering? Which has demand worldwide and shortage also all over the world”.

Distributed Energy Resources (DER), Embedded Generation or Dispersed Generation, these may differ in terminology but the meaning in the power energy sector basically the same. Any small scales electrical power generation technology that provides electrical power at or near end.

In this webinar, the keynote speaker, Dr. Tareq Aziz explained the basics of DER, how DER technology works, how reliable, affordable and clean energy it is, the Challenges and the Potential Solutions of DER integration.

Dr. Tareq Aziz is currently serving as a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST). He is a senior member of IEEE and also the current Vice-Chair of IEEE PES Bangladesh.

In the discussion about DER integration, Dr. Aziz emphasizes on the necessity of DER integration. “By introducing DER in the system, you are actually enhancing the distribution reliability. We started with the question in our minds, of how important DER is and eventually we found that, if something happens in between the generating station and the distribution side, power is lost. But now the power is not getting wasted because you are producing your own power. So, you have a way more reliable supply.” At the end of Dr. Aziz’s amazing presentation, he took several questions from the audience and elaborated further about DER integration.

The webinar ended with the Shoeb Shahrear Khan, an expression of gratitude towards the speaker and the participants. the present Chair of IEEE PES BRAC University SBC.