As a fragment of its continual and impactful initiatives, the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society Brac University Student Branch Chapter has organized an insightful seminar on “Planet to Particle: An Introduction to Stellar Evolution” reflecting the miscellanea of cosmic phenomena. The seminar was held on the 23rd of November on Brac University premises encountering several enthusiastic student participants as well as academic personnel. Respected Speaker Rashedul Islam delivered an informative and well-explanatory session depicting the birth and death of a cosmic star and the corresponding occurrences observed in its lifespan. 

The evolution of the stars has astonished human beings and has always been a concept of curiosity for thousands of years. Stars are born, transform over their lifetime partaking in prodigious occurrences, and eventually collapse. Along the progress, they induce a structure surrounding it and influence the environment of the revolving planets and more. The seminar “Planet to Particle: An Introduction to Stellar Evolution” brought the abstraction of stellar evolution to the spotlight and discussed its prospects. Speaker Rashedul Islam shared his elaborative and informative insights on Stellar Evolution, from the birth of the star to its death. The session further elaborated on the introduction of the Main-sequence star, the Red Giant Stars, White Dwarfs, Neutron stars, Supernova, Pulsars, and eventually, Black Holes. The event depicted the sequential stages of a star depending on the impact of thermal status, energy estate, magnitude or density of mass, etc, and its transformation towards Red Giant, White Dwarf, etc formation. Continuing on the stream of the subjects, the speaker further described the associated properties including the formation of molecular clouds, gas and dust, emission of radiation, and the effects of Nuclear Fusion. 

In addition, the speaker has reflected on the technological development and aspects regarding studying chronological stellar evolution in terms of observation, detection, and measurements. The corresponding stellar observation and measurement equipment and distinctive methods have also been illustrated throughout the session. Some statistical details and calculations regarding the lifetime, distance, and energy spectrum of the stellar models were also represented to illustrate the measurement process of its evolution. Furthermore, speaker Rashedul Islam discussed the current position and progress of cosmological research and space technology. 

Rashedul Islam is a prestigious academic personnel possessing expertise in the field of Cosmology and Astrophysics. He has completed his Bachelor’s studies in Astrophysics and obtained a Masters’s in Computational physics from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. He has an observant interest in the field of Astrophysics and Cosmological research. His research interests include Observational Astrophysics, especially in the field of 21-cm Cosmology. Currently, Rashedul Islam is working as an external Lecturer at Brac University.

After almost two hours of an insightful and informative session, the event was further uplifted with an interactive Question-Answer segment with the participants. The enthusiastic participants shared concerns regarding the future of cosmological studies and research in Bangladesh. The issue of available career opportunities in Bangladesh in the field of Cosmology has further been presented in the seminar. The honorable speaker enlightened the session by sharing his journey throughout the field of cosmological research and studies as well. Conclusively, the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society of Brac University Student Branch Chapter has handed over a crest as a token of recognition to speaker Rashedul Islam for successfully conducting such a proficient seminar. The seminar was concluded upon conveying gratitude towards the vivacious attendants and guests for partaking in the event. The session left the young participants enlightened with a detailed perception of the matter of cosmic evolution and amplified enthusiasm regarding cosmological affairs within them.