Power Projection and PES Day Celebration

On the 22nd of June 2023, the IEEE Power and Energy Society Brac University Student Branch Chapter successfully concluded a Poster Presentation Event, named “Power Projection”, and celebrated PES Day, a global celebration dedicated to the power and energy industry. The chief guests, as well as the judges for this event, were Dr. A. S. Nazmul Huda, Associate Professor of EEE at Brac University, and Mohammed Thushar Imran, lecturer of EEE at Brac University.

IEEE PES Day is an annual celebration by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This celebration started in 2018 intending to engage members of the Power and energy society to the organization’s mission and vision. The day is celebrated by arranging seminars, webinars, workshops, panel discussions, competitions and various online events. Aligning with the IEEE, its student branch chapter organizes unique events centring on this PES day. Usually, this day is celebrated on the second Wednesday of April. However, the celebration day may vary based on different circumstances. Although the day of the celebration is not an unchanging factor, the main motto of this celebration is unvarying, which is to revive the involvement of the chapter members to engage themselves for the betterment of the sector of Power and Energy.

The theme of the poster presentation competition revolved around Energy Conversion, Power Systems, and Green or Renewable Energy. We extended an invitation to everyone from Brac University to participate in this exciting competition, encouraging them to explore innovative ideas and showcase their expertise in these fields. The competition comprised two stages: the initial stage required participants to submit their posters online, and from among the submissions, the top five teams were selected to advance to the next stage—the live poster presentation.

The live presentation began with the group Solar Spectrum, who presented their poster on “Translucent Power.” They discussed the methods and results of using transparent solar panels, as well as the challenges associated with them. Next, the group Power Pulse took the stage, presenting their poster on “The Smart Grid for Powering the Future.” They explained the smart grid’s adaptation, discussed its challenges, and proposed potential solutions. Following them, the group Power Trio showcased their poster titled “Powering the Future: Harnessing the Potential of Hydrogen-based Power Plants.” They elaborated on the method of hydrogen production, highlighted the environmental benefits, and addressed the challenges in implementing hydrogen-based power plants. The fourth participant was a solo member named A-2608, whose poster focused on “Alternative Routes for Converting Waste into Energy.” She presented three alternative routes: Harmony Unleashed, Empowering Tomorrow’s Energy, Residual Magic Transforming Waste into Energy, and Transformative Fusion Reimagining Waste through Science. Lastly, the group Valve presented their poster on “Large-Scale Solar Power Generation in the Sahara.” They discussed different approaches to transforming the Sahara desert into a solar power generation plant to meet the increasing global demand. Their presentation included data analysis, results, and an exploration of the challenges associated with these methods.

After each captivating presentation, our esteemed judges graciously offered their invaluable feedback, while the audience eagerly engaged with thought-provoking questions. Each participating group displayed an impressive amalgamation of expertise, research, and innovative ideas within the field of sustainable energy. Their presentations shed light on various aspects of power generation, highlighting the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Considering the evaluations and scores provided by the judges, the top three teams were selected as the champions, first runners-up, and second runners-up, respectively. 

1. Champion: Team “Valve”

2. First Runner-up: Team “Power Pulse” 

3. Second Runner-up: Team “A-2608” 

These teams demonstrated exceptional performance, outstanding creativity, and in-depth research in their presentations.

Then, our honorable judges awarded the prize money, along with certificates to the top three teams. The champion team received the prize money of 2000 BDT, the first runner-up team received the prize money of 1500 BDT, and the second runner-up received the prize money of 1000 BDT.

In the spirit of celebration, the event was concluded by cutting a cake with our esteemed guests, participants, and enthusiastic audience, and the joyous moment symbolized the successful culmination of the event and the commemoration of PES Day. It served as a reminder of the collective efforts and achievements in power and energy society.