IEEE BRACU SB & IEEE BRACU RAS SBC launched the webinar series related to robotics titles “RAS Parlance” right after their establishment as a new chapter for IEEE BRACU SB. The first episode of the webinar series was held on Friday, 19th June, 2020 on online platform ‘Google meet’ titled “Role of Robotics in Pandemic”. The objective of the webinar basically was to reflect the true definition of robotics along with how it is helping to minimize the casualties we face during pandemics. The main guest for the webinar was Abul Al Arabi, currently serving as Lecturer, Northern University, Bangladesh. He’s also one of the founding committee members of IEEE RAS Bangladesh Chapter. He’s also serving as student activity chair of IEEE Bangladesh section and secretary of IEEE Bangladesh Chapter of current year.  The whole webinar has been hosted by Mohammad Sakhawat Hossain Fahim, Chair of IEEE RAS BRACU SBC. The session began with a short introduction of the guest speaker, Abul Al Arabi by the host before fully handing over the stage to the speaker to conduct his speech. Mr. Arabi started his speech by highlighting some of the activities IEEE RAS Bangladesh Chapter has been doing over the past few years, including IEEE RAAICON, IEEE RAS HACKATHON-CyberPhysical, Training on Motor Driving for Robotics Applications, Seminar on Control of Networked and Multirobot System and so on. After that, he moved to the main topic, starting with the idea of industrial revolution and technology. After sharing the recent activities and current membership status of IEEE RAS BDS, the speaker moved to the theme of the webinar. He talked about the concept of robotics and automation and what these are all about and talked about the general concepts and the core differences between a robot and a bot. After talking about this part in detail, he mentioned about some robots that had played significant roles in pandemic times and how they had been influencing our life and also will do in upcoming years like Disinfectant Robot, Sanitizer Robot, UV Robot in Hospital, UAVs with disinfectants, Waste Management Robot, Automated Floor Cleaner, Laboratory, therapy and Hospital Management Robot and so on. The speaker also mentioned that so far more than 25 countries are using robots in this pandemic period, including usage for public safety, public work, clinical care, critical infrastructure, laboratory and supply chain automation and non-hospital care. Finally, the speaker stated that we have to respond equally to the world’s robotics to contribute to the 4th industrial revolution, unless we may fall behind and suffer in the long run. In his conclusion, he gave us good news that IEEE RAS BDC has organized some Hackathon related to Covid-19, RAS global has provided the fund to RAS BDS, to help us fight against the pandemic in next years. The webinar ended with a question answer session from the students.

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