IEEE BRAC University Student Branch organises Seminar on Design of Smart Transportation Systems

On the 27th of July 2017, IEEE BRACU SB organized a seminar on Design of Smart Transportation Systems at the GDLN Center, BRAC University. In this talk, Farook Sattar was the guest speaker and he introduced us to various perspectives of this new technology. Smart Transportation Systems can be designed by integrating two emerging technologies – multisensor data fusion and context-aware processing. Multisensor data fusion is a process for combining observations from a number of different sensors to provide a robust and complete description of an environment or process of interest. On the other hand, context-aware processing adaptively gathers and processes information of interest from the environment. and newly proposed fusion/context-aware methods were presented to make transportation systems more efficient. He has extensive experience and expertise as an academic as well as in collaborating across multiple disciplines allowed the attendees to get a clear concept regarding this new field. Farhan Oshim, Lecturer of EEE Department, BRAC University along with an honored invitee and Lecturer Tasnim Sorwar Tropa from the Canadian University of Bangladesh were active participants while students of the EEE Department tried to gain all the perspective regarding this new arena. After the presentation, refreshments were served to all the attendees and overall, we can call this event a success!

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