On November 19, 2022, the IEEE Computer Society Brac University Student Branch Chapter organized a seminar on the “Impact of Quality Research”, with the objective of acknowledging the scarcity of required information during the early stages of research and providing beneficial resources for the successful completion. Independent of major, anyone who wants to pursue higher education recognizes that research is a crucial component on the path to success. The undergraduate thesis is merely a glimpse down that passage. As a result, the first steps are uncomfortable and fraught with uncertainty. The goal of this seminar was to help students navigate the challenge that awaits them all as they enter their final year. 

The speaker’s panel for this seminar included, Dr. Mohammad Kaykobad, Distinguished Professor (CSE, Brac University); Dr. Md. Golam Rabiul Alam, Professor (CSE, Brac University); Dr. Md Sadek Ferdous, Associate Professor (CSE, Brac University) and Dr. Farig Yousuf Sadeque, Assistant Professor (CSE, Brac University). Coming together of such genius minds was not only groundbreaking but also unforeseen. To indulge themselves in the sparkle of knowledge these bright minds had to offer 100+ graduate and undergraduate engineering students graced the audience rows. 

The very first speaker from the distinguished panel was Prof Dr. Mohammad Kaykobad. He started first sharing his glorious work days in Russia and his encounter with brilliant student minds all around the world. As celebrated as he is for sharing his unconventional and fun yet educational stories, leaving the audience entangled in provoking thoughts, this time wasn’t any different. Rather than indulging into topics or any specific theoretical concept he shared his precious knowledge on the entirety of conducting well-thought research. He implied a dedicated emphasis on starting the research rather than dwelling on the thoughts of unnecessary uncertainty. He additionally emphasized sharpening the writing skills as presentation is equally important as the actual process. Utilizing the available resources is also a vital part of the successful completion of the process, which includes reaching out to professionals, faculties, or any individual concerning that area, he concluded. 

Thereafter, distinguished Professor Golam Rabiul Alam, who’s been well acknowledged by students for his incredible in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies Machine Learning, Deep Learning as well as Artificial Intelligence, graced the audience by sharing his expertise. He illustrated the current research he’s contributing to along with bright students of graduate and undergraduate studies. He tried to explain the complex algorithms, and layered models in an understandable way encouraging them to take interest utilizing such tools. His works in Convoluted Neural Networks, and Deep Learning algorithms had everyone in total awe of admiration. Then the stage was lit up by the presence of Associate Professor Dr. Md Sadek Ferdous. He enlightened the audience on Blockchain technology and the top research being done in this area. Blockchain is a distributed, unchangeable ledger that facilitates the ability to record transactions and track assets within a business network. The terminologies were unfamiliar to many because it is a field of emerging technology. The specifics of this developing field were expertly explained by Sadiq. He added, the application blockchain now includes Supply chain, Healthcare, Government, Retail, Media and advertising, Oil and gas, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Insurance, Financial services, Travel, and Transportation. He has been working in this field for quite a while, so it is highly encouraged and welcomed for any student to choose to include it in their final thesis. A fresh breath of air in the intense, difficult information exchange was Assistant Professor Dr. Farig Yousuf Sadeque. As a recent Ph.D. graduate, Prof. Farig was best capable of empathizing and connecting with the students. He addressed the very dilemmas that each and every prospective student faces as they work on their senior thesis. Furthermore, he did a fantastic job of describing the entire brainstorming process, from ideation to completion to publication. He added something very enticing, saying that anyone starting a thesis should properly recognize what or why they are doing it and what challenges it solves before they begin. The eagerness to publish research is yet another prevalent trait among research students, addressing which he quoted, “Publication is not the ultimate goal of a research, it’s always a by-product’.  

Then the discussion session concluded into the question-answer segment, and the stage was open for queries. The students were actively involved in the event’s successful conclusion. Addressing various segments throughout the event, students placed their thoughts and concerns and the gracious panel speakers gave prompt and considerate answers. Lastly, at the close of the day, our guests are presented with beautiful crests and refreshments and thanked heartily for their incredible contribution to making this seminar as a success as it was and for renouncing their precious time.