The IEEE student branch of BRAC University initiated their recruitment session for the semester of Summer 2019 on the ground floor of the university’s 6th building on the 19th of May 2019. The campaign ran its successful course for two days ending just the next day with a satisfactory amount of fresh recruits. The response from the students was immense and within two days all of the objectives of the IEEE student branch of BRAC University were fulfilled. The primary goal of this campaign was to invite new students to be a member of IEEE and also for existing members to renew their student membership. Alongside this, there was a second goal of the campaign which was to encourage the students to enrol their names in the PES (Power and Energy Society) and the CS (Computer Society) which are formed by the student body of IEEE of BRAC University.

Organizing such an event required an effective workforce. The current members of the IEEE student branch (EB members and volunteers) worked together to make this campaign successful. Since the signup procedure required long hours of work which included being at the booth at all times and also answering the queries of the newcomers willing to sign up, the members worked in designated time slots assigned to them to ensure that recruiters are always available at the booth. Leaflets and brochures were handed over to any student who visited the booth and all the curious ones were given a general idea about IEEE and how the student body functions as a team. They were also given a basic idea regarding PES and CS and were encouraged to join these societies so that the newcomers can benefit themselves while working with the veterans. The accomplishments of the body members and volunteers can be seen within the number of new members as shown – approximately 63 new IEEE members, 55 new CS members, and 88 PES members have been recruited resulting in a total of 197 fresh recruits working together to achieve a common goal under the IEEE BRAC University student branch.

This recruitment procedure will surely accomplish all goals with ease and thus, in the process, bring fruitful results for the students working under the student branch.

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