The IEEE BRAC University Student Branch is going to start a competition on Technical Article writing (it can be of an idea that you wish to implement and how you are going to implement it or it can be a project that you already did).

Technical writing can be of a project that you have done or are currently doing or have an idea to do in the near future. It can be written about the Digital Logic Design (DLD) or the Digital Systems Design (DSD) project that you have done or it can also be written on the thesis that you are currently doing.

Give a title, provide a few circuit designs (if you have already assembled it), express your idea/project in words (the maximum word count is 300 words), make a word file and email it to “fairooz.zafar@gmail.com” by 8th October 23:59 hours.

Out of all the writings we would receive, some of those will be selected and will be published in the upcoming IEEE Magazine. Selected writers would be provided with Certificates along with some attractive gifts from IEEE BRACU.

Deadline for Submission: 8th October, 2016

For Submission Purpose, Send it to: fairooz.zafar@gmail.com



Image credit: Pixabay

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