The IEEE CS BRACU SBC successfully hosted the first-ever intra-university programming competition titled, “CS Spectrum: Code Crash”.  The competition consisted of two stages. A preliminary round and a final round. The preliminary round took place on 22nd September 2023. The mode of the preliminary round was online and over 200 code-savvy students participated in the online preliminary round. The medium for the online preliminary was Toph. co and was scheduled at 4 pm for 5 hours. 

The grand finale of the much-anticipated CS Spectrum: Code Crash, took place on Friday, the 20th of October, 2023. The competition set the stage for a thrilling showcase of programming excellence and strategic thinking. With the final round commencing at 3:15 PM and drawing to a close at 8:15 PM, this event brought together 29 competitive teams, each representing a unique blend of talent, teamwork, and unwavering determination. It was an intellectual battleground where the brightest minds at BRAC University competed to claim the highest titles.

This year, the IEEE CS BRACU SBC meticulously adhered to competition rules reminiscent of the prestigious ICPC contest. The regulations were designed to ensure a fair and challenging environment. The “no one left behind” policy required full team participation, emphasizing the significance of collaboration and unity. If a single teammate left the competition ground, the entire team was obligated to exit the competition. Such rules aimed at nurturing a true spirit of teamwork and shared responsibility, qualities highly valued in the world of programming and problem-solving.

The heart of the competition lay in the questions presented to the participants. Eight intricate problems, denoted from A to I, were designed to test the programming knowledge, creativity, and quick thinking of the participants. The questions were strategically crafted by the esteemed faculty member of the BRACU CSE Department, Mr. Kabbya Kantam Patwary, and his highly qualified team. To offer an array of challenges, ensuring that each team had the opportunity to excel in their area of expertise. From data structures to algorithms, and logic to mathematical insights, these problems demanded the best of the participants.

In line with ICPC traditions, only the top three teams were entitled to claim the most prestigious prizes. The intense competition left everyone on the edge of their seats as the participants battled to secure their spots in the winner’s circle. Apart from the top three positions, every participant was acknowledged for their hard work and dedication.

For the eagerly anticipated teams waiting for the announcement of the champions, it is essential to recognize the invaluable contributions of the partners who made CS Spectrum: Code Crash a reality. The technical partner, “IEEE Computer Society Bangladesh Chapter,” played a pivotal role in providing technical insights, expertise, and support, raising the bar of the competition. The coveted T-shirt partner, “Valley Sourcing”. The atmosphere throughout the competition was nothing short of electrifying. The hallways echoed with the clickety-clack of keyboards, the animated discussions of teammates, and the excitement of solving intricate problems. The participants and volunteers who dedicated themselves to making this possible deserve our wholehearted appreciation.

“As the dust settles and the virtual coding arena echoes with the echoes of algorithms, we proudly unveil the champions of CS Spectrum: Code Crash! Congratulations to the top three teams who outshone the competition with their exceptional coding prowess:

1. BugWhispererLite

2. BRACU_Toffepie

3. BracU_StrawHatPirates

Their dedication, teamwork, and brilliant problem-solving skills have earned them a well-deserved place on the podium.

‘CS Spectrum: Code Crash’ has transcended being a mere competition; it stands as a testament to the spirit of exploration, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines the IEEE CS BRACU SBC community.

The future of computer science and programming shines brightly with the accomplishments of these incredible teams, and their passion will undoubtedly continue to inspire many in the days to come.