IEEE BRACU SB along with IEEE RAS BRACU SBC organized the event named “Webinar Series: Learn from the Xperts” on the topic “Research and Curricular Activities” on Thursday, July 9th, 2020. The main speaker of the webinar was one of the most popular figures of our country, Professor Mohammad Kaykobad. Webinar was moderated by the Advisor of IEEE RAS BRACU SBC. In the webinar, Dr. Kaykobad mainly talked about how as a country Bangladesh can prosper and the possible solutions for various problems we are facing as a nation. Firstly, he talked about the education system in Bangladesh, its current state according to his perspective, point of concerns and positive steps to be taken to solve the problems. One of the major issues we are currently facing is lack of automation sector and continuously failing to keep up the pace with the industrial revolution. One of the solutions is to promote the products of our own country. In this way, new upcoming engineers would find it easy to seek for more jobs easily. Next, Dr. Kaykobad talked about our internal problems that we are currently facing as a nation, including the traffic jam problem. He Kaykobad talked briefly about the different usage of skills and knowledge that we can share for our own benefits. Nowadays, there are students and others who gain so much knowledge but they somehow fail to utilize them properly. For that, Dr. Kaykobad suggested to participate various types of competition, doesn’t matter if it is as a team or individual. It is essential for tasting the gain knowledge in practical fields and helping to develop a very precious thing called skill, he said during the latter part of the session. He ended his speech thanking each and every audience present during the session and also IEEE BRACU SB and IEEE RAS BRACU SBC.

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