On 22th August 2020, IEEE BRACU SB along with IEEE RAS BRACU SBC organized the 2nd episode of their series webinar “RAS parlance” over the topic “Remote Health Care System” with Dr. Ashir Ahmed, where the speaker tried to show us another picture of our country’s healthcare system and the changes that are coming in future days. Dr. Ashir Ahmed is an associate professor at the department of advanced information technology in Kyushu University, Japan and director of GCC project in Grameen Communications, Bangladesh. His research aims to produce and promote ICT based social services for the unreached community in the world. In 2007, he joined Kyushu University as a guest associate professor under the research superstar program by Japan Science and Technology Agency. Through this program, hedeveloped a joint collaboration with Grameen and Kyushu University and produced numerous international projects e.g. GramWeb (a village information platform), ePassbook (an electronic gadget for the unreached community), $300 portable clinic and IGPF. The future of healthcare is shaping up in front of our very eyes with advances in digital healthcare technologies, such as artificial intelligence, VR/AR, 3D-printing, robotics or nanotechnology, evolving into a completely new concept where basic health care facilities and diagnosis and medication for several diseases has become possible remotely. Remote healthcare systems involve facilities like telemedicine, remote patient monitoring systems, electro-medical devices etc. that allow the doctors to perform a thorough instrumental diagnosis, pointing out the issues and medicating them, while reducing the time and cost of public and private healthcare and the distribution of drugs. It also brings patients closer to physicians and pharmacists, increasing the number of diagnoses performed and the distribution of drugs needed, improving prevention and control of general public health. Not only this, but also people in general can monitor their health status on a regular basis due to the rapid advancement of these health care systems. In the webinar, the speaker talked about some of the revolutionary steps taken for the advancement of the healthcare sector in recent days and also in the past, that have increased the connectivity between the sufferers and the medics. Having all the modern facilities while staying in the other corner of the country has become possible due to the step like telemedicine. The speaker also addressed the importance of introducing AI in healthcare. Finally, they talked about developing a smart health kit for all the doctors around the country and expected the involvement of future generations in this noble cause.

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