On the 25th of July, IEEE AESS BRACU SBC and IEEE BRACU SB successfully arranged and organized its very event – a webinar titled “Satellite Expedition: BRAC Onnesha”. The webinar convened at 9:00 PM local time and sustained till no longer than 11:00 PM local time. Sajid Hossain, Vice Chair of IEEE AESS BRACU SBC was appointed as the event moderator and had successfully executed his obligations accordingly. The event was executed on Google Meet, an online platform designed to facilitate online interactions. In addition, the entirety of the event was broadcasted live on IEEE AESS BRACU SBC official Facebook page. Upon prior invitation, Dr.  Arifur R. Khan had expressed his endorsement towards the event by welcoming the opportunity of being the event’s chief speaker. He was accompanied by the engineers of BRAC Onnesha – Abdulla Hil Kafi, Raihana Shams Islam Antara & Maisun Ibn Monowar.  The webinar commenced with Dr. Arifur giving a short introduction about him and he also took the opportunity to express his appreciation towards such an occasion and the participants’ enthusiasm & engagement. Subsequently, Vice Chair Sajid Hossain officially began with a formal introduction of all the respected speakers of the event, followed by a brief and insightful talk voiced by Dr. Arifur concerning his engagement in the BRAC Onnesha project. He also conveyed his shared experience with the three engineers in depth to the audience; the work environment and the challenges they confronted during their endeavor. In the final segment, the speakers welcomed the opportunity of answering some of the queries put forward by the participants. Moreover, the session progressed with Mr. Kafi elaborating on the challenges being faced in an attempt to construct a sustainable platform for enthusiasts to conduct further study and research on satellites. In addition, he had also emphasized on the immense availability of funding on such projects and also the availability of collaboration with other institutes. The session and the webinar concluded with IEEE AESS SBC Chair Ananna Hossain delivering a brief farewell speech and the speakers drawing attention to the immensely increasing growth of the industry and the different opportunities that await us as a result.

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