On 23rd August, IEEE BRACU SB successfully organized and conducted a webinar pertaining to the pharmaceutical sector which was titled “Recent Technological Advances Transforming pharmaceutical drug discovery and Bio-therapeutics Development”. In addition to being conducted on an online platform named Google Meet, the webinar was broadcasted live on IEEE BRACU SB official Facebook page. IEEE PES BRACU SBC Chair Asadduzzaman Abir served as the moderator of the session. The event was endorsed by two of the most proficient and esteemed figures in their respective fields; Dr. Mohosin Sarkar, Senior Scientist at Pfizer Oncology R&D & Rashik Ayan Akkhar, Automation Validation Engineer at Panacea Technologies Inc. They both served as the event’s chief speakers. The session commenced sharply at 8:00 PM local time and was concluded by 10:00 PM. Din Mohammad Zubair, Secretary of IEEE BRACU SB, commenced the proceedings with an introductory speech. Subsequently, Dr. Mohosin Sarkar was given the spotlight which he utilized to deliver a talk on some of the key aspects of Pharmaceutics. He spoke about the different stages and factors involved in the successful development of a drug where he emphasized on the minimal potentiality of a drug being on par with the clinical trial standards. In addition, he has imparted insight on screening robotics platform, single cell RNA sequencing, quantum mechanics & molecular modeling simulation. Moreover, he also elaborated on his role at Pfizer oncology and the company’s different prospects. Finally, he concluded his session with elaboration on immunotherapy and identification of tumor selective protein markers. The subsequent segment of the webinar was conducted by Engineer Rashin Ayan Akkhar who initiated his lecture with a short biography of himself which was followed by other proceedings that involved talks on different topics; Importance of PLC in Pharmaceutical manufacturing which can monitor and manipulate any biotechnological processes with the employment of minimal manpower, Industrial Process Control Systems, Sample Ladder Logic Code, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Automation of Glucose Feed of a Fermenter. He concluded his lecture with a comprehensive talk on “Waste Processing System Design & implementation”. The final segment housed a Question & Answer session where participants put forward their respective queries pertaining to the lectures delivered and answered accordingly by the speakers. The webinar was concluded by IEEE BRACU SB Vice Chair Synthia Hossain Karobi & IEEE AESS BRACU SBC Secretary Ihtyaz Kader Tasawar, both of them voicing a brief appreciation and farewell speech.

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