This year on 26th and 29th July, an extraordinary event was organized by IEEE BRACU SB entitling “Dream Beyond”. The program took place in two phases starring two young female enthusiasts who are doing tremendous jobs in their certain fields and setting benchmarks. On 26th July, 2020, IEEE BRACU SB got to experience the 1st Phase of the Webinar and the speaker of the show was Syeda Lammim Ahad who is currently doing her PhD in Leiden University on Astrophysics. The program started with a wonderful greeting session and the later parts were very informative and enterprising. As the motto of this event was to showcase women empowerment in technological field, the honorable speaker contented the meaning of the objective in every inch possible. The major topics that were discussed in the first segment were the opportunities in technological field for women, working environment, required initiatives and guidelines for future torchbearers. Later on, the honorable speaker enlightened us about her career, experience and the field that she is working on. Astronomy and Astrophysics is one of the most vibrant fields of Science and Technology yet not impossible for any being regardless of any gender as Ms. Ahad reckoned. Ms. Ahad talked about her research area which involved the space and its characteristics due to several conditions and graphics The second phase of the webinar was held on 29th July, 2020 and this time we got to introduce with a very young yet passionate soul, Ms Zahra Marie Ronizi. She is currently an astronaut trainee and one of the future Mars Walkers. The event was even more captivating this time since the speaker exhilarated the atmosphere with her enthusiastic essence. Initially, the speaker illuminated the idea of Women Empowerment and the abstract of feminism. Her categorical words navigated the audiences to the path of female emancipation in Science and technological field. Gradually, Ms Ronizi talked about her previous experience on STEM and several milestones that she conquered by hard work. Being an astronaut is difficult as long as it is believed difficult she said. Her vigorous determination and passionate attitude towards her goal energized the audience to facilitate more opportunities no matter how difficult they seem to be. As the final part of her speech she shared her experience of being an astronaut trainee, regular practices, previous groundings from United space Agency and NASA. Both of the sessions were supervised by Soptorsi Paul Shrestha, WIE Coordinator, IEEE BRACU SB and all of the female executive body members had their active roles as well. The webinar not only inspired the audience to be a part of greater opportunities but also flamed up their enthusiasm to soar higher and higher.

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