IEEE CS BRACU SBC has successfully organized its first mega online workshop of 2021 on Web Development consisting of the highest number of participants till date followed by a Hackathon titled “Web Tech Hackathon 2021” for participants to distil their visionary concepts down to actionable solutions. The workshop sessions of Web Tech hackathon were held throughout the month of June, 2021 before the 3 days long Hackathon began on 2nd of July.

The first week of June, 2021 was the registration period for this hackathon with a certain amount of registration and a total of 114 teams registered online, making a history of attaining the highest number of participants for any event of IEEE BRACU SBC.

The workshop sessions were instructed by S M Shahriar Islam, Data Engineer at Pathao who groomed the participants to learn modern web development and how to approach to solutions for real life scenario based problem cases. Front end and backend development tools e.g. Basic JavaScripts, ReactJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, mySql database, Rest API were one of those main focus concepts of the training sessions.

In the hackathon, two problem based scenarios were given on 2nd July and contestants had to develop and submit a solution to one of their given problem statements within 4th July in their github repositories. Innovation, video presentation, originality, sustainability and feasibility, user interface, relevancy with the situation and problem solving approach were the main assessment criterias.  In addition, most prominent faculty members of BRAC University were in the judging panel for this hackathon.

More than 20 teams participated in the hackathon after learning from the training sessions. For creating exquisite solutions to the given problem statements, Team Dynabyte was evaluated to be the champion of the hackathon and the 1st and 2nd runners up were team Sentinels and team Code Breakers respectively. Also, submissions from team Martians and team Purple Rain were exemplary enough for them to attain 4th and 5th positions respectively. The rewards of the Hackathon were- prize money of 6000 taka for the champion team, 4500 taka for the 1st runner up and 3000 taka for the 2nd   runner up teams. Not to mention, the winning certificates and crests were given to each member of the top 5 teams. Besides, each member of the judging panel, instructor as well as the best two volunteers was given a crest as a token of appreciation. Additionally, all the participants of the hackathon and all the volunteers were honored with participation certificates.

We are hopeful that the completion of the sessions and the experience from the hackathon provided an opportunity for participants to be more aware of their own capabilities and facilitate the learning of creating innovative ideas and concepts.