4th December, Friday – IEEE AESS BRACU SBC along with IEEE BRACU SB successfully organized its long anticipated virtual workshop corresponding to one of its most distinguished event “Satellite Expedition Contest 2020”. The proceedings commenced at 8:00 PM local time and the session was concluded at around 9:45 roughly. The session was supervised and monitored by members of the AESS Executive Panel. Sajid Hossain, Vice Chair of IEEE AESS BRACU SBC was designated as the event moderator and had adhered to his obligations accordingly. The event was executed on an online platform – Google Meet, due to scarcity of viability and feasibility of the session being conducted on official campus grounds. Upon prior consultation and cordial invitation, Mr. Abdulla Hil Kafi and Ms. Raihana Islam Shams Antara expressed their profound enthusiasm in gracing the event with their esteemed voice and presence. The session officially commenced with IEEE AESS BRACU SBC Vice Chair, Sajid Hossain embracing the honorable speakers with a formal greeting and introduction. Following the introduction, Mr. Kafi voiced and demonstrated a comprehensive introduction of the competition itself, its roots and a brief overview of the contest. Subsequently, Mr. Kafi provided more insight on the primary objectives of the competition, the different evaluation criteria, the writing format that must be adhered to and had also put emphasis on the 17 different UN sustainable development goals that participants must constitute in their schemes. Additionally, he took the opportunity to share a few words with regards to the BIRDS project and further went to onto address more crucial aspects of the competitions; the different potential missions, system and design configurations, operational strategies and environmental testing. The final segment was conducted by Ms. Antara, who took the opportunity to provide more elaboration on Space Mission Engineering and the embodied formalities and methodologies. Subsequently, she also shed light on some of the crucial aspects of developing a mission – different types of expenditures involved, establishment and maintenance of a schedule, and the reliability of the mission itself. Additionally, she also imparted extensive insight on the characteristics and feasibility of different mission ideas, space mission timeline, and also the different prominent space committees administering and overseeing different mission objectives. Moreover, she went on to further provide some prime examples of space missions by addressing different objectives, requirements, constraints and potential alternatives involved. Finally, the session housed a final Q/A segment where queries put forward by contestants were addressed and clarified by the speakers. The event finally concluded with a short reminder of the competition’s s and a brief farewell speech relayed by Ananna Hossain, Chair, IEEE AESS BRACU SBC. The speakers also took the opportunity to express their appreciation towards such an occasion, the organizing committee and also the participants’ enthusiasm & engagement. Thus, the participants got to know about the upcoming event “Satellite Expedition Contest”. 

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