The IEEE Computer Society BRAC University Student Branch Chapter successfully organized the 3-day workshop titled “WebDev101: Kick-Start To MERN” on June 14th, 15th, and 22nd of June, 2023. The 1st day of the workshop focused on the basic idea of full stack web development, understanding the front end and API integration. The 2nd day was all about introduction to the database, building an API and connecting the front end with the database. And finally, on the 3rd day of the event; there were discussions on how a student can prepare themselves for remote jobs. Moreover, the benefits of remote jobs, opportunities a student can get in the Web Development industry, and how a job recruiter will recruit a student; all these career-focused discussions were done during the 3rd day. The whole event was conducted by Imran Sefat, Engineering Lead, Bright Inc. (Sydney, Canada), Senior Software Engineer, Aazzur (Germany, UK), who not only showed students how to achieve a great career in the Web Development industry but also showed them how to prepare themselves for a job. An average of 20 students attended this 3-day workshop arranged by the IEEE Computer Society BRAC University Student Branch Chapter on Full Stack Web development in MERN Stack.

In today’s digital generation, web development has become one of the most integral parts of the digital-social life that we live. After the release of WEB3.0 and the formation of METAVERSE, the whole world is now relying upon digital platforms more than before, and the demand for a skilled Web Developer is broadening. By learning web development, you can open countless opportunities in the tech industry. 

The workshop was instructed by Imran Sefat,  Engineering Lead, Bright Inc. (Sydney, Canada), Senior Software Engineer, Aazzur (Germany, UK). He is an alumnus of BRAC University and is now working with many software farms in Sydney, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. 

During the immersive three-day workshop, Imran Sefat captivated students with his expertise in Full Stack web development. On the first day, he laid the foundation by introducing the front end of a website and delving into the intricacies of React. Through comprehensive explanations and hands-on exercises, students learned to create simple yet elegant UI designs. After the API integration, students could host and showcase their first-ever website. The second day brought a deeper understanding as Imran Sefat introduced Express, Databases, and Prisma ORM. With his guidance, students discovered the art of seamlessly integrating databases with APIs thus connecting the front end with the back end for functionality.

On the final day, a captivating seminar session awaited the students of BRAC University. Imran Sefat shared his insights into the world of remote jobs, a hot topic in the web industry. Students eagerly absorbed his wisdom, learning how to prepare themselves and refine their skills for a successful career. The session also illuminated the opportunities that awaited them in the web industry, along with the pros and cons of remote work. Imran Sefat graciously shared his own life experiences, providing valuable guidance on navigating job interviews, even beyond the borders of Bangladesh. Furthermore, he offered unique suggestions on leveraging CGPA and starting to earn money while still pursuing their university education. His words resonated deeply with the students, empowering them to take transformative steps toward their future success.

Imran Sefat’s workshop not only imparted technical knowledge but also instilled a sense of inspiration and possibility. Students left the workshop equipped with practical skills, industry insights, and a renewed motivation to excel in the dynamic world of web development.

The workshop was organized at a computer lab on the BRAC University campus. All BRAC University students were welcome to attend the workshop, and for the third day, the seminar was open to all students of BRAC University. Although for the 2-day workshop, the IEEE Computer Society BRAC University Student Branch Chapter members received preference. The three-day session began at 5 o’clock and ended at 7 o’clock. Participants asked the instructor many questions throughout the event, and the instructor tried his best to address each issue that was brought up. The instructor concluded the course on a positive note, emphasizing that as Full Stack Web Development is a vast sector, this workshop would give the students some basic ideas of how things work, and with that base understanding, students can now upgrade their knowledge of web development on their own. With the exclusive session on Remote Jobs, students now have an idea of how an industry works and what a student must have to secure a significant position in the tech industry.