Fall, 2020 – IEEE AESS BRACU SB announces with IEEE BRACU SB, the commencement of one of its most prestigious and distinguished event – National CanSat Competition 2020. National CanSat Competition emphasizes on practical knowledge and experience. It provides incentives and supplements challenges for enthusiasts to develop their practical skills in regards to small-scale satellites and portray them in self-built small-scale satellite projects which would be demonstrated by the participants in the event. The first annual of the event, which was conducted on official campus grounds, received immense recognition and embraced engagement from a large number of enthusiasts. Due to the sustaining pandemic, the second annual of the competition was executed and conducted online for the very first time with an increased prize pool. Organized and administered by the Chapter itself, the organizing committee had also established collaboration with LaSSET and partnership with UNICEF Bangladesh and UNICEF Global. The Chapter had also dedicated significant amount of effort and time in establishing an affiliation with a very prominent corporate organization – Akash DTH, who had agreed upon a financial sponsorship of two of the Chapter’s most prestigious events and contributed a very generous fund grant. The event had also employed services and expertise of numerous students embodying different educational institutes from all over the nation, in order to serve as Event Ambassadors. Due to online arrangements and scarcity of practicality, teams were instructed to devise and build a fully integrated 3D Model of a typical CanSat with the help of a prescribed 3D Design Application. On 5th December, the organizing committee successfully arranged and conducted a workshop pertaining to the event. The workshop addressed different technical and procedural aspects, demonstrated the practical operation of a typical CanSat and also provided a platform for contestants to put their queries and concerns forward. The workshop was conducted by none other than BRAC Onnesha Engineers – Mr. Abdulla Hil Kafi & Ms. Raihana Islam Shams Antara. Subsequently, the initial phase also called for CDR submissions from registered teams. A total of 16 teams had signed up for the competition and had lodged their submissions. The competition is still running. The final phase of the competition will be summoning 8 teams as finalists to an online presentation on the basis of their submitted models. A judging panel is appointed in order to oversee the presentations and impart evaluation reports. Finally, winning teams will be announced and awarded with the designated prize money and winning certificates.

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