On January 28, 2023, the IEEE Computer Society Bangladesh Chapter held its annual general meeting and award ceremony 2022 at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). As a gesture of gratitude and appreciation for its significant contribution to the IEEE Computer Society Bangladesh Chapter in 2022, the Bangladesh Chapter has recognized the IEEE Computer Society BRAC University Student Branch Chapter by awarding in the category of the “Best CS Student Branch Chapter”. Along with that, the distinguished advisor of the chapter, Mr. Annajiat Alim Rasel was awarded an Honorable mention as the “Best CS Student Branch Chapter Advisor.” It is a moment of utmost pleasure for the entire executive committee and student body to receive these prestigious mentions.

The year 2022 has been one of the most challenging yet prosperous years for the IEEE BRAC University Student Branch and the Computer Society Chapter was no exception to it. The chapter had quickly grown in all areas because of the many talented and diligent individuals who had collaborated and contributed their invaluable knowledge, enthusiasm, and energy to fulfill its purpose. Back in 2021, the IEEE Computer Society BRAC University Student Branch Chapter was also awarded the “Most Promising CS Student Chapter”, and now in 2022 it has been awarded with the “Best CS Student Branch Chapter”.

The IEEE CS BRACU SBC was formed in 2019 with an aim to create a community of computer science professionals and enthusiasts. The chapter has actively tried to be in touch with the recent trends of technology and thus arranged skill building events for its student body. This perseverance towards being relevant and useful to science and engineering has made this chapter not only the largest chapter of IEEE BRAC University Student Branch but also the largest IEEE Computer Society chapter in the country. With 178 members, the flag of this chapter rises high among many others. In 2022, the Computer Society formulated 4 membership campaigns both online and offline to spread information about the organization and motivate people to be a part of the community. Along with this, the chapter has arranged multiple seminars, workshops and the first ever industrial visit to reputable software companies like Therap BD and Kona Software Lab Limited throughout the year. 

The IEEE CS BRACU SBC dreams of giving young learners and professionals a platform to learn and develop knowledge about such exceptional technologies that are widely used worldwide, this chapter hopes to have a significant impact on them. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data Analytics, Bioinformatics, Cyber Security, and many more are always appealing topics for those who love technology, which is why the CS chapter thrives on providing workshops and seminars related to these topics, each of which is increasingly distinct and significantly more informative than the last, giving the students a platform to gain as much knowledge as possible about these topics.

In the conquest for being a successful professional organization, the Computer Society was closely guided by the respective Chapter Advisor, Mr. Annajiat Alim Rasel, Senior Lecturer at BRAC University. His wisdom and lead has been of immense measure and that did not go unnoticed by the IEEE CS Bangladesh Chapter. He was regarded with an Honorable Mention for the “Best CS Student Branch Chapter Advisor” award. Without his wise counsel and guidance, the CS Chapter would not have progressed this far. Mr. Annajiat’s intense zeal, sound leadership, compassion for his students, and commitment to instilling core ideas, incentives, and capabilities in the students have been outstanding since his selection as a Chapter Advisor of IEEE CS BRAC University SBC.

IEEE Computer Society BRAC University Student Branch Chapter would also like to extend their congratulations to the Executive Committee of 2022, who have worked hard to manage the entire chapter, and made it shine, and soar to new heights. They had a profound impact on how well the award was received. The panelists, chapter members, and IEEE BRAC University SBC worked together to produce it under the close supervision of Prof. A.K.M. Abdul Malek Azad, Ph.D.

All this wonderful news at the start of the year is joyful. The new executive committee for the IEEE Computer Society BRAC University Student Branch Chapter would be motivated to work even harder this year in order to achieve even greater achievement. The chapter keeps growing with much passion and eagerness to make sure they emerge as successful professionals the following time.